Finally a quilting post

>> Monday, August 29, 2011

So I have been is hard to find time to sew much less the time to BLOG about it.
So here's a quick rundown in no particular order.....

Taggie Blanket for Carter

Dr. Suess Quilt and Coordinating taggie

Bug quilt set with taggie blanket and receiving blanket

 Train quilt set with taggie and receiving blankets

Rag quilt for a friend...bartering is a great invention
Taggie blanket for a sweet boy

Minky and Satin blanket b/c Mommy had one...but I forgot to take a pic of mommies' blanket
Superman quilt for a special birthday boy!
Baseball Taggie
Baby Girl quilt set with Taggie, receiving blankets, and burp cloths
Baby girl quilt
Taggie set with receiving blankets and burp cloths
 Turtle rag quilt I made for my Charlie's 2nd Bday

That's laid out on my KING size bed

 2 blankets that were a very big project between me and Ayme :)


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