Rag Quilts & Other Blankets

Past creations that I've sold or made for friends and family.

Lucas's Quilt 40 x 60 Dino Flannel and Dino quilting
Back of quilt
Quilting detail
Adult Blanket 48 x 60 Cream frosted swirl fleece and brown winter fleece
Adult blanket 72 x 60 Blue embossed Paisley and Tropical Paisley Minky
Baby Blanket 30 x 36 Zebra Minky and rose swirl fleece
Detail of rose swirl
Fleece Rag quilt
Baby Rag quilt 2 receiving blankets matching baby doll blanket
Adult Blanket 72 x 60 Black furry fleece and gold blizzard fleece
Fleece blanket with hand blanket stitch
Orange dot and cream fleece 36 x 60
Adult Blanket 72 x 60 Red furry fleece and KU blizzard fleece
Adult Blanket 72 x 60 Black furry fleece and MU blizzard fleece
Flannel Rag quilt Jungle theme
Jungle detail


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