Growing Pains

>> Thursday, July 21, 2011

Growing Pains
July 17,2011

A friend reminded me today nothing happens by accident. Along with the reminder from my pastor on Sunday that God has a plan for me! I am trying to take each lesson as a growing opportunity.....

God put me where I am, at this moment! He has plans that are meant for Good and not harm...the plans are for my hope and my future.....Jer 29:11

The children God has entrusted to me, the husband he blessed me with, the family and all my friends he has given me is all according to his plan. Maybe I am in my Esther stage and God has placed me here for such a time as this!!

I am in a place of major issues pulling me down, just LIFE! and sometimes I feel like I am being stretched beyond my limits. If I allow him to, God will give the Grace to get through these growing pains. I just have to be open to receiving that Grace!

Until then if you think about me just say a little prayer b/c sometimes these growing pains are more than I can handle.  I am so glad that I don't have to...God is beside me and carrying me through ALWAYS!!!



Hello again!

>> Thursday, July 14, 2011

I didn't realize it had been so long since I have posted. My summer has been crazy, has yours? 

June 1st was the start of summer school!
We Love Bright Beginnings!!
Crazy but fun..... 
Father's day we spent at the Lake! 
Afternoons spent on the slip and slide 
An Fourth of July was a BLAST!!! (pun totally intended)

Who can resist chubby baby feet? 

Annual Fourth of July family pics (they will learn to love them)

The lanterns were the hit of the night! 
Third night in a row of fireworks! 
She loved them!
I also have had a remodel/add on going on since the middle of June!
Started looking kinda like this (i forgot to take a before picture)
Today it looks like this
I have also had blanket projects to keep me busy!  Orders are coming in just enough to keep me busy and I am loving it!
Jacob's birthday quilt 
Dr Suess Thing one Thing two quilt. 
Rag quilt for a friend (I bartered for her excellent computer skills)
She loves it even if it doesn't cover her toes ;)
Baby Bug quilt top I can not wait to get it back from the quilter 
Two taggies made for a friend for her 2 little boys
The material has been moved how many times?

We also went on a float trip with some of our friends, but I don't have any pictures of that to share just yet!

That has been the first 6 weeks of summer and we are enjoying it!
I would love to hear about your summer!



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