Walgreens less than $5 challenge

>> Monday, August 2, 2010

Went to Walgreens today hoping to save some money, and take a challenge from Keeping the Kingdom First
Here's how it all played out I am not sure how to word all this it's my first time.....Any suggestions to improve format are welcome.
(I had all three children with me 5yr, almost 3yr, and 15 month)

Buy 1 Crayola Crayons 24-pk @ $1.00
Total OOP 1.00
RRs Earned= $1.00

Crayola Markers $3.00
$3.00 mail in rebate
Total after rebate $0.00
Total OOP $1.00

Ban Deodarant $3.99
Walgreens coupon $2.00
MGF coupon from Sunday paper $1.00
Total OOP $1.99

Dawn dish soap $1.99
Walgreen coupon -$1.00
MFG coupn from Sunday paper $-.25
Total $.74
Total OOP 2.73

4 boxes Jello $4.00
Walgreens coupon 2/$1
Total $2.00
Total OOP 4.73

With 1.00 in RR still outstanding (Which I used to reward the kids for good behavior)

Will I use everything??
I am not attached to my current deodrant so was willing to try a different brand for $.99. Crayons and markers were free and I will probably donate to Crayon crusade in town b/c ya'll know that I don't allow markers in my house yet :)) and we have plenty of crayons right now. Dawn is a great dishwashing liquid so I was willing to have that as an extra on hand. Jello is sugar free and Hubby is on South Beach and it is one dessert item he is allowed :)


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