Wow it has been too long!

>> Friday, December 30, 2011

I didn't realize I had gone so long without posting.  I am not making excuses but it is not easy to post from my phone.  I do not find time to post from the computer.  I have been busy decorating, sewing, and baking for Christmas.

I love Christmas season and everything about it! I love to give to the people that are dear to me! I was able to make many Christmas gifts this year and loved it!

This first pictures was not for Christmas, but for a friend who is expecting a boy in just a few short weeks now

One side of a coordinating taggie

The back side

Dino Fleece and orange minky made for my friend's son

Spiderman fleece with red swirl made for my dear friend's son

Hot pink fleece and cream swirl blanket for my daughter's BFF

Yellow Jacket/MU blanket made for my son's best friend to match his own blanket

And here is an update on my 4 babies
Eva Joyce, Dakota, Kamilla, and Charlie after their visit to Santa at Bass Pro Shop

Some pictures of our home at Christmas time!
They were very good helpers this year!

View from kitchen to dining room and entry way
Kids' Tree
View from the kitchen to our living room
The pretty purple and silver tree
aka Momma's Tree :)


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