>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Post is not a positive one so if you need encouragement don't read it! It will probably be a huge ramble but I need to vent!!!

I have had a horrible day! My morning sickness is horrible today even with the Mocha from my wonderful friend. I have tried everything and nothing seems to be helping.....
My older children keep forgetting to close the bathroom door which means my youngest has put more body parts into the toilet than I care to admit. His head luckily is one that has survived..........the remote was dumped in as well, luckily it still works.
I have very little energy to chase them around and my daughter is into anything and everything she can get to! She doesn't listen to instruction, time out has been used more than 10 times today (which is also energy draining). One high point is Charlie took a 3 hour nap which probably means he just doesn't feel good. I am praying it is just teeth and nothing more serious.
The kids are always hungry, nothing I give them satisfies them. They have had oranges, grapes, apples, graham crackers, animal crackers and even an one oreo as a treat. It is sooo exhausting to be in the kitchen non stop. Normally I make them stick to a snack routine but today I got soooo sick of them asking and asking and asking so I gave in. Along with snack after snack creates dish after dish after dirty counter. I am so sick of cleaning up after them......I know this stage will pass and everyone swears I will miss this someday but I just can't see that at all....Maybe I will look back someday at this very post and Laugh.....Although as a Proverbs 31 woman I should "laugh at the days to come" Proverbs 31:25 not the days past but I am doing good to laugh at anything today.......
Well Hopefully my next opportunity to post will be more positive........I need to remember "The Lord's unfailing Love surrounds those who trust in him" Psalms 32:10b


Carrie Cooper April 27, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

Carrie @

Hi, Raggy Lady!
This is my first visit to your blog--love your honest ramblings :) Im really sorry that your morning sickness is bad...Im sure that can dominate your life. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a crippling autoimmune disease, which took me by storm. I remember letting my kids eat whatever they wanted, because I just couldnt move off the sofa. A few times I let them make their own lunch (im glad I didnt actually LOOK at what they ate, because it was probably all junk). They thought that was the neatest thing ever! Your kids will be ok, even if they snack all day. Its just for a short period of time, not forever. Youre a great mom!

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